byteLAKE is a business partner helping enterprises embrace the power of Artificial Intelligence.
We also build and optimize HPC supercomputing software solutions.

Our mission is to help industries transform for the era of Artificial Intelligence.
We optimize performance of companies and help achieve a competitive advantage
by delivering innovative AI solutions.

Our Services

Computer Vision

Computer Vision

We transform computers into intelligent machines by enabling them to identify objects, analyze scenes and activities in real-life visual environments.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning

Deep Learning is a system that learns to recognize objects, speech, audio and can process natural language. We leverage ready-made components and academic researches.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

We combine our clients’ data, business objectives and domain expertise with cutting edge machine learning techniques to build new products like never before.

Learning Process Optimization

Software Optimizations

We optimize performance, reduce execution time and slash energy consumption. Our researchers develop new approaches to the machine learning algorithms.

AI for Edge Devices

AI for Edge Devices

Intelligent software for all sort of edge devices. Machine Learning happening on the device and almost in real-time.


High Performance Computing

We have a massive experience in porting, developing and optimizing software for supercomputer platforms.

Expertise Consultancy

Expertise Consultancy

We solve complex and data rich problems using Machine and Deep Learning techniques.

Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept

Every success starts with a dream.
We help bring those dreams to life.


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Learn how we work

Listen Actively


We start with a consultancy session to better understand our client’s requirements & assumptions.



We thoroughly analyze the gathered information and prepare a draft offer.



We fine tune the offer further and wrap up everything into a binding contract.


Software Services: Machine Learning, Parallel Computing, SharePoint, Azure

Finally, the execution starts. We deliver projects in a fully transparent, Agile (SCRUM-based) fashion.

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