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Helping companies transform
for the era of Artificial Intelligence.

byteLAKE Team

We are a team of scientists, programmers, designers and technology enthusiasts helping industries incorporate AI techniques into products.

We specialize in creating products that can automate activities like visual inspection, objects detection and recognition, big data analytics and routine tasks execution. We deploy such solutions on large scale supercomputing platforms, data centers, in the cloud as well as on constrained, embedded, small devices (AI on edge).

We know leading technologies and both hardware and software components in the space. We can advise about selecting optimal configurations, integrate proper baseline components and help build a final product on top of that.

Besides AI, we are experts in building and optimizing algorithms for massively parallel, CPU+GPU HPC architectures.

We deliver AI & HPC solutions globally.

Marcin Rojek, byteLAKE's Co Founder

Marcin Rojek

Co-founder of byteLAKE


I am fascinated about how AI innovations reshape industries. Running byteLAKE is an amazing journey as it lets me become a vital part of that transformation. Most importantly, it gives me the opportunity to work with some of the brightest and most creative minds. I bring to the team 15+ years of experience in global sales & engineering. I am an action man with a hustler’s spirit who extremely believes in the power of collaboration. To find out more about how AI can help your business, reach out to me on LinkedIN, via e-mail or set up a call for us here.

Mariusz Kolanko, byteLAKE's Co Founder

Mariusz Kolanko

Co-founder of byteLAKE


I think AI will let us focus on creative work leaving the repetitive stuff to the machines. 15+ years of experience in management, operations and engineering. Successfully drove Agile initiatives in multinational environments. Open-minded in searching, focused on solving. Contact me on LinkedIN, via e-mail or set up a call for us here.

Krzysztof Rojek, PhD, byteLAKE's CTO

Krzysztof Rojek



I link byteLAKE’s business with research and academia world. I am a huge fan and a promoter of ideas that can start their life in the research space and eventually land in the practical, real-life business applications. I gained a PhD degree in Computer Science (Parallel Computing, GPGPU, self-adaptable codes, AI applications). Feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIN, or via e-mail.

byteLAKE Team

Our team is constantly growing. We have been gradually building it around our core team of researchers (PhD) and excellent engineers with whom we used to work in the past. Together, we cover all aspects of software engineering in the space of AI and HPC: from early research and concepting, thru expertise consultancy, all the way to Agile-based (in sprints) delivery and deployment. Our priorities in that space are as follows: build an excellent team and focus on people, create comprehensive and specialized software services offering, design and develop amazing products. If you are looking for support in one of the areas of our specialization, let’s talk! Also, if you resonate with our thinking, consider joining our team.


Our Research & Development Center

byteLAKE's Design Center specializing in 2 fields: Digital Workplace and Machine Learning.

Conveniently located in Poland

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