engine extracting data from invoices

Meet brainello: software engine that uses machine learning to extract data from invoices.

Our clients say: “brainello boosts performance of teams at least 7 times.”

Key features

  • it is an AI enabled RPA
  • supports various formats of invoices & receipts
  • can be easily integrated into ERP/ workflow systems or work as a standalone solution
  • no initial setup or templates preparation required (we left this task to AI)
  • its assisted learning module ensures that brainello can self-improve over time

brainello demo: invoices processing with AI

How it works?

  • brainello reads scanned invoices
  • extracts information with machine learning
    (dates, net values, VAT IDs, non-standard fields etc.)
  • can ask operator for final approval / corrections
    (assisted learning module)
  • exports results directly into accounting systems or in a format of your choice

Key benefits

  • significantly reduces the time of documents processing
  • eliminates human error
  • automates various accounting tasks
  • as an extension to existing ERP/ workflow systems, boosts their competitiveness
  • eventually saves money

brainello in action

byteLAKE's brainello

See the video.

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