Computer Vision

We transform computers into intelligent machines by enabling them to identify objects, analyze scenes and activities in real-life visual environments. We do this through the latest achievements in deep learning researches combined with state-of-the-art object recognition technologies. Eventually, the computers gain the ability to see and interpret the visual impressions in a human-like fashion.

Key benefits of Computer Vision

  • Advanced Image Content Analysis

We use deep learning techniques to detect objects (i.e. animals, faces, cars, signs etc.) and find their location in the images or videos. In addition, we can analyze their states and/or activities (i.e. age, gender, emotions, shape, defects etc.). Based on this, we can get the context and better understand the overall content of the image. In turn, we can classify it as a whole i.e. landscape, drawing etc. Also, we can perform a segmentation procedure on the images which translates into detected objects isolation. This can be later on used for further processing i.e. background removal and replacement.

  • Human Error Elimination in Production Processes

We use deep learning to help companies realize their industry 4.0 ambitions. One example is to perform quality assessment of products based on the images of those products. Another would be about bringing automation into visual inspection processes which eventually translates into increased margins and improved quality of the final products. With the use of computer algorithms and the latest achievements in the field of deep learning, we can deliver 100% reproducibility, independent of human interpretation. In turn, we help eliminate significant amount of human errors occurring in the production processes.

  • Continuously Learning Solutions

We start building solutions by training and adjusting them to our clients’ custom requirements. This helps us capture the uniqueness of their environments and production processes. Then the initial solution continuously learns and adapts based on experts’ ongoing feedback and input. In turn, it learns to classify and detect new scenarios as well.

Computer Vision is a true innovation reshaping many industries. With the help of AI, we can effectively address the challenges that many industries face. From adaptive controlling and calibration of instruments, through automated quality control and issues detection, all the way to predictive maintenance, camera images analytics, and more. byteLAKE provides expertise consultancy services to discuss your ideas and challenges. We can help you gain a competitive advantage by bringing the latest techniques in computer vision to your company. Get in touch with our experts to discuss more.

Computer Vision 

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