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Having experience in building intelligent software with the use of machine and deep learning? Willing to grow while building and optimizing software for supercomputer platforms?

Get in touch with us at or drop us a line using the form below. We are always looking for new colleagues with a passion for artificial intelligence and HPC to join our team.

We employ excellent AI & HPC specialists and researchers as well as those with the right attitude and willing to learn fast.

Our team consists of PhD researchers having extensive academic background in math, computer science, artificial intelligence and parallel computing. They mostly build our research part of the business and create innovations which we later on bring into business cases. We also have amazing engineers, constantly pushing the boundaries of the possible, so that eventually the impossible becomes a new reality. We specialize in machine and deep learning solutions for computer vision, images analytics and many others like automation, conversational systems etc. Besides, we have a massive experience in building high performing and energy efficient software for supercomputers. Having said that, we have a very strong team offering vast knowledge and experience. Come join us in a win-win scenario: learn a lot, contribute with your skills and let’s do amazing things together.

Our goal is to be a highly specialized team of experts that have a huge impact on how AI & HPC transform industries. We are not generalists. Our work is a combination of extensive academic researches and highly specialized software engineering. Moreover, we are in the early phases of developing our own product as well! More details soon…

Working at byteLAKE means making friends with high-caliber, hard-working, personable and funny colleagues. We come from varied walks of life, all connected with a passion for artificial intelligence, HPC and new technologies. The environment is very informal. Flat structure, remote work possible, flexible hours, … and we continuously strive to work on innovative solutions, experiment with emerging technologies and the like…

Our team constantly grows and we are open for discussions with talented people. Contact us if AI or HPC is something that excites you.



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