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We build AI products and help design custom AI software.


CFD Suite

AI for Computational Fluid Dynamics

AI-accelerated Computational Fluid Dynamics.
Reducing chemical simulations time from hrs. to mins.

AI for Paper Industry

AI for Paper Industry

AI-assisted monitoring
of the papermaking process.

Cognitive Services

Cognitive Services

AI for Manufacturing.
AI-assisted Visual Inspection and Big Data analytics.

Custom AI Software Development

Edge AI

Edge AI

Intelligent devices for real-time data analytics

Cognitive Automation

Robotic Process Automation

Software robots
for complex tasks automation.


High Performance Computing

Algorithms optimization
for many-CPU, GPU, FPGA architectures.

Intel Expertise

Intel Expertise

Intel technologies expertise.
Software optimization and adaptation.

Alveo Expertise

Xilinx Alveo Expertise

Software optimization for Xilinx Alveo FPGAs.

NVIDIA Expertise

NVIDIA GPU Expertise

Software optimization for all NVIDIA GPUs.

AI Workshop

AI Workshop

We help implement AI-based solutions
across industries.

Proof of Concept

AI Prototyping

Every success starts with a dream.
We help bring those dreams to life.


AI for Restaurants

AI for Restaurants

Visual analytics
and billing process automation with AI.


OCR for invoices

OCR for Invoices, AI-powered.
Works without templates.

Ewa Guard

AI for Humanity

AI for Drones.
Large areas visual analytics.

Federated Learning

byteLAKE's Federated Learning

Leverage AI models
across distributed AI applications.


Lenovo selects byteLAKE in AI Partnership

Intel Gold Partner

Tridiagonal Solutions

MixIT - The Enterprise Mixing Analysis Tool

byteLAKE partners with Microsoft




Bpower2 selects byteLAKE to bring AI automation to workflows

IEI Integration Corp

JM elektronik

byteLAKE and Avnet Silica bring AI to market

Xilinx works with byteLAKE to accelerate CFD

NVIDIA Partner

byteLAKE and IBM


MST Automation (Kogifi Automation)

Basler partners with byteLAKE in Computer Vision space

byteLAKE delivers AI powered automation to Wiaduk

MEGWARE partners with byteLAKE

Mediacje Zdalne - Patryk Kępa

Nomtek and byteLAKE collaborate

Finedge partners with byteLAKE in AI for FinTech


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Hello Session


Let’s discuss your ideas, problems and goals. We will share our initial thoughts and inspiring stories.

AI Workshop


Continue your AI journey with byteLAKE. Let’s take a deeper dive into your specific situation. We will help you understand how AI can address your challenges.

Proof of Concept


Let’s wrap up our first ideas and start building a prototype to test them in real world, your world.


Software Services: Machine Learning, Parallel Computing, SharePoint, Azure

Finally, we build solutions in Agile fashion = you get subsequent deliveries every 2-4 weeks. And we continue as your partner, ensuring final delivery always stands out.

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