AI for Big Data

AI-powered Big Data Analytics

AI-assisted visual inspection cameras can detect defects with around 90% greater accuracy than humans. Machines like that can obviously do so within a fraction of a second and never get bored.

Finding answers hidden in Big Data

  • Improve Client Experience
    (analyze past interactions/behaviors to enable personalized decisions)
  • Predict outcomes and trends
    (detect anomalies or suspicious behaviors, patterns and make recommendations)
  • Find optimal solutions
    (sensors data analytics to find dependencies, trends and optimal configurations)
  • Better Decisions
    (recommendations based on historic data analytics)

Bottom line: byteLAKE’s Cognitive Services help effectively bring out the best of both worlds: humans and machines.

byteLAKE’s AI models for Big Data / IoT sensors data analytics will be available in many different versions, tailored and optimized to various industries and their specific scenarios. We will be describing these in more detail on byteLAKE’s blog under our Industry 4.0 dedicated section. Currently, the majority of our efforts in that space are focused on the following example scenarios:

  • Devices/buildings characteristics analytics based on IoT sensors data to find optimal configurations (i.e. minimize energy consumption)
  • Big Data analytics for Agriculture to efficiently assess seeds quality and potential
  • Historic data analytics to support agents in pricing negotiations and suggest optimal proposals

AI for Big Data Analytics - how it works?