Cognitive Services

AI for Industry 4.0 and Restaurants

Collection of pre-trained AI models

byteLAKE’s Cognitive Services

byteLAKE’s Cognitive Services is a collection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) models designed to address Industry 4.0 and Restaurants needs. Each AI model has been designed and pre-trained to be razor-focused on a specific job(s), therefore ensuring maximum accuracy.

byteLAKE has made a strategic decision to work with various industry leaders and talented researchers in an effort to combine human knowledge, industry expertise, and know-how with the best AI algorithms and technologies. Humans and machines both make mistakes. Therefore, the product has been designed to effectively and efficiently bring out the best of both worlds.

Cognitive Services for Manufacturing

AI-assisted Visual Inspection

AI-assisted visual inspection
(processes, parts, components, or products).

Cognitive Services for Manufacturing / Automotive

Cognitive Services for Automotive

AI-powered microphones inspecting car engines.

Cognitive Services for Paper Industry

Cognitive Services for Paper Industry

AI-powered cameras for papermaking monitoring.
Wet line detection, measurement, analysis.

Cognitive Services for Restaurants

Cognitive Services for Restaurants

Complete software package for restaurants and hotels (Simpra Suite).
AI add-ons that recognize meals and send a list of these to the cashier’s machine.

Problems we solve with Cognitive Services

AI-assisted Visual Inspection

  • Growing cost of manual inspections & limited personnel
  • Poor quality impacting customer satisfaction, reputation etc.
  • Poor counting leading to losses (freebies) & disappointed customers
  • Slow inspection leading to missed opportunities, slow G2M etc.

AI-powered Big Data Analytics

  • Lack of historic data analytics means that we don’t know what we don’t know
  • Automate: sensors data analytics, document processing etc.
  • Answer questions like why something happens? what will likely happen? what are the trends?
  • Can we leverage historic data to make better decisions?

End-to-end solution

byteLAKE's Cognitive Services - end to end solution

Key takeaways

  • byteLAKE’s Cognitive Services automate visual inspection and Big Data processing across industries. Each AI model has been designed and trained to be razor-focused on the specific industrial job(s), therefore ensuring maximum accuracy.
  • Can be re-trained to handle a variety of scenarios related to visual inspection/quality monitoring automation, products counting, objects recognition and historic data analysis to find hidden answers in the data (i.e. trends, information about why something happened or what will likely happen and when).
  • New AI models are constantly added by byteLAKE which gradually increases the number of scenarios that can be handled off-the-shelf. To do so byteLAKE collaborates with a growing number of industry/manufacturing leaders.
  • Cognitive Services is an add-on to existing tools/software in factories and its integration is a straightforward process (compatibility).
  • byteLAKE as single source for all components of the solution (sensors/cameras, edge devices, servers, data acquisition/processing, deployment, post-delivery customer care etc.)
  • Globally available through growing network of integrators.
  • Optimized for Intel technologies (OpenVINO) ensuring compatibility and maximum performance across various hardware configurations.
  • Works offline, no connection to the Internet or Cloud is required.

Optimized for Intel Technologies

We have optimized Cognitive Services to Intel’s latest technologies, ensuring maximum performance and helping our clients significantly reduce the overall cost of hardware needed for deployments.

Cognitive Services Licensing

  1. Cognitive Services standard license consists of 2 elements
    • One-time fee for product training/optimization.
    • Annual license giving access to the product incl. upgrades, customer care/support for 12 months.
      NOTE: the goal is to train and optimize the Cognitive Services models so that they address your needs
      and deliver value at maximum performance. Typical scenarios include visual inspection and historic data analytics in order to support future decisions.
  2. Cognitive Services extended customization (optional)
    • In case you do not have or cannot generate the data for training, byteLAKE can offload your teams from this task and prepare the required inputs.
    • The product can be re-trained and customized to a variety of scenarios.
    • The cost is estimated case by case (one-time project fee).
  3. Integration and hardware (reselling)

Cognitive Services deployment

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