Cognitive Services

AI for Industry 4.0

AI-assisted Visual Inspection. AI-powered Big Data / IoT Sensors Data Analytics.

Meet byteLAKE’s Cognitive Services

Collection of AI models designed to address Industry 4.0 needs. Each AI model we designed and trained is razor-focused on specific industry tasks, therefore ensuring maximum accuracy.

We have made a strategic decision at byteLAKE to work with various industry leaders and talented researchers in efforts to combine human knowledge, industry expertise, and know-how with the best AI algorithms.

We focus primarily on the following two areas.

Visual Inspection

AI-assisted Visual Inspection

Add intelligence to your cameras.
AI-assisted quality & process monitoring.

Big Data Analytics

AI for Big Data

Enables data-driven, proactive operations.
Find trends and answers hidden in the data.

Humans and machines both make mistakes. Therefore, byteLAKE’s Cognitive Services have been designed to effectively bring out the best of both worlds.

Example trained AI model: AI for Paper Industry (Wet Line / Dry Line detector).

Artificial Intelligence for Industry 4.0

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OCR for invoices

AI for Document Processing.
OCR for invoices, AI-powered. No templates!

CFD Suite

AI for CFD

Innovative AI Models for Computational Fluid Dynamics.
Ultra-fast results, radically lower TCO. New possibilities.

AI for Restaurants

AI for Restaurants

AI-assisted monitoring and self-service.

Ewa Guard

AI for Humanity

AI for Agriculture.
Large areas visual analytics.