Cognitive Services for Paper Industry

AI-powered cameras for papermaking monitoring.
Wet line detection, measurement, analysis.

Paper production is a multi-phase process during which a natural phenomenon called Wet Line (sometimes Dry Line) is observed. AI-assisted visual inspection of the process can help you efficiently detect and monitor that phenomenon.

Tangible benefits and ROI thru:

  • automate Wet Line / Dry Line management during papermaking
  • avoid expensive breaks in paper production due to Wet Line / Dry Line moving to dangerous areas
  • eliminate or minimize human error
  • avoid disasters and unnecessary latencies in production

byteLAKE’s Cognitive Services for Paper Industry has already been commercialized and successfully deployed in paper mills.

Its Wet Line Detector automates the detection and measurements of the so-called wet line. This module helps reduce costs, expedite a visual inspection and avoid unplanned downtime that might occur during paper production. Available as a complete end-to-end solution, including edge components (computer, camera), software license, integration services, guidelines as well as post-deployment customer care.

Key features

  • A trained AI model monitors paper making process 24/7 and triggers an alarm when a Wet Line / Dry Line is detected
    (can be easily integrated into existing infrastructure, designed as a cross-platform compatible module)
  • AI model can measure the distance and the size of the Wet Line / Dry Line
    (for instance, an alert can be sent once the wet line enters a dangerous zone)
  • Part of byteLAKE’s Cognitive Services
    (straightforward integration, works offline, no connection to the Internet/Cloud required)
  • Models improving over time
    (assisted learning as an option)

Humans and machines both make mistakes. Therefore, byteLAKE’s Cognitive Services have been designed to effectively bring out the best of both worlds.

byteLAKE's AI - detecting wet line in paper production

End-to-End solution for Paper Mills

  • Edge components
    (cameras, sensors, tiny computers/edge servers, etc.)
  • Data ingestion
    (software collecting data from cameras and other IoT sensors)
  • byteLAKE Cognitive Services
    (AI models)
  • Deployment
    (on-site integration and deployment)
  • Post-delivery customer care
    (warranty and maintenance)

Technical requirements

(can be delivered together with a product)