Cognitive Services for Automotive

AI-powered microphones that assess the quality of car engines.

AI-powered microphones for Automotive

In automotive, Cognitive Services leverages microphones to assess the quality of car engines.

Key benefits

  • AI helps increase the overall reliability of production
  • Enable 24/7, continuous quality monitoring
  • Cost-effective, offloads humans from the tiring, boring and tedious job
  • Quality improvement as the process is consistent and reliable
  • Eliminate potential human errors
  • Easy to integrate

Key features

  • Trained AI model monitor sound generated by engines on a production line 24/7
    (can be easily integrated into existing infrastructure, designed as a cross-platform compatible module)
  • Each sound is analyzed by AI and engines are marked as OK or NOT-OK, meaning there has been detected an issue
    (for instance, an alert can be sent once the detected issue is categorized as critical)
  • AI can be trained to categorize the issues
    (assisted learning as an option)
  • Part of byteLAKE’s Cognitive Services
    (straightforward integration, works offline, no connection to the Internet/Cloud required)
  • Models improving over time
    (assisted learning as an option)

AI for Automotive

End-to-End solutions for Manufacturing

  • Edge components
    (cameras, microphones, tiny computers/edge servers, etc.)
  • Data ingestion
    (software collecting data from cameras or microphones)
  • byteLAKE Cognitive Services
    (AI models)
  • Deployment
    (on-site integration and deployment)
  • Post-delivery customer care
    (warranty and maintenance)