Cognitive Services for Manufacturing

Software that visually inspects processes, parts, components, or products.

AI-assisted Visual Inspection

AI-powered cameras can detect defects with around 90% greater accuracy than humans. Machines can do so within a fraction of a second and never get bored or tired.

Key benefits

  • automate manufacturing jobs once reserved for humans
  • continuously monitor quality and count objects
  • eliminate or minimize human error
  • avoid disasters and unnecessary latencies

Key features

  • Trained AI model visually inspects processes, parts, components, or products 24/7
    (can be easily integrated into existing infrastructure, designed as a cross-platform compatible module)
  • Detected issues can be marked on a screen and/or an alarm can be triggered when a major issue is found
    (for instance, an alert can be sent once the detected issue is categorized as critical)
  • Part of byteLAKE’s Cognitive Services
    (straightforward integration, works offline, no connection to the Internet/Cloud required)
  • Models improving over time
    (assisted learning as an option)

AI-assisted Visual Inspection

End-to-End solutions for Manufacturing

  • Edge components
    (cameras, microphones, tiny computers/edge servers, etc.)
  • Data ingestion
    (software collecting data from cameras or microphones)
  • byteLAKE Cognitive Services
    (AI models)
  • Deployment
    (on-site integration and deployment)
  • Post-delivery customer care
    (warranty and maintenance)

Technical requirements

(can be delivered together with a product)