Ewa Guard

Ewa Guard is a platform that uses Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, IoT, drones, HPC & many other Hi-Tech to address some of humanity’s greatest challenges. Our mission is to democratize efficient AI solutions to empower people in making our world a better and cleaner place to live.

AI in Agriculture

The first module supports reforestation activities by providing data-driven, automated analytics to replace time-consuming manual in-the-field work. Another one automates the detection of illegal landfills across monitored areas. And there’s more on the roadmap so stay tuned to our social media channels.

We announced the product in 2019 during the Supercomputing conference in Denver, Colorado. In the video below, our co-founder explained how we leveraged powerful machines at Lenovo’s Data Center to reduce time to results from weeks to hours, ultimately cutting the energy consumption of complex Machine Vision algorithms and making Ewa Guard more nature-friendly in yet another aspect.

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