AI Software Services

Edge AI

Edge AI

Highly optimized AI engines to analyze
text, image, video, sound, time-series data.

Cognitive Automation

Robotic Process Automation

Bespoke RPAs, supercharged with AI.
Complex tasks automation.


High Performance Computing

Accelerating time to results and adapting complex algorithms
to many-CPU, GPU, FPGA architectures.

Alveo Expertise

Xilinx Alveo Expertise

byteLAKE’s expertise on Xilinx Alveo FPGA accelerator cards.

NVIDIA Expertise

NVIDIA GPU Expertise

byteLAKE’s expertise on all NVIDIA GPUs.

AI Workshop

AI Workshop

We help understand the benefits of AI
and translate ideas into solutions.

Proof of Concept

AI Prototyping

Every success starts with a dream.
We help bring those dreams to life.