Edge AI

We build highly optimized AI engines to analyze text, image, video, sound, and time-series data. Thru Edge AI, we enable on-device, local AI inferencing.

Key areas:

  • algorithms optimization
    (making the most of hardware components, optimal usage of precious resources, faster results at the lowest possible energy consumption)
  • detecting shapes & patterns
  • advanced data analytics
  • solutions for IoT/ edge, Cloud and on-premise configurations

We can advise about selecting optimal configurations and integrate both hardware and software. We have huge experience in computer vision, machine learning, deep learning, and have already delivered a number of Edge AI solutions and benchmark reports.

Check our Cognitive Services offering, AI for Industry 4.0.

Benefits of Edge AI:

  • Enables Scalability
    (Decentralizes AI services & makes it easier to expand the IoT ecosystems)
  • Enables real-time AI experience
    (By using modern low power, high performance, small form factor accelerators)
  • Solves round-trip latencies
    (Deploying AI directly on the device enables faster response time)
  • Eliminates intermittent connectivity related issues
    (No need for sending the data from the device to external AI services and waiting for results)
  • Reduce total cost of ownership
    (AI-enabled devices pre-process the data and send the results to external services vs raw data)
  • Data can stay locally on the device
    (Having AI on the device allows for sending the data to external storages selectively)