AI engine to accelerate and automate documents processing

Tangible benefits and ROI thru:

  • significantly reduced time of documents processing
  • eliminated human error
  • automation

Bottom line: brainello saves money and gets back a lot of time to the teams.

Key features

  • RPA, supercharged with AI
    (no need to prepare templates)
  • Various formats of documents supported
  • Easy integration
    (standalone engine or integrated into larger system thru many supported interfaces)
  • Self-improving over time
    (assisted learning as an option)

brainello is available as a standalone engine or can be integrated into workflow systems. It has been integrated into UK-headquartered Bpower2 (efficient Enterprise Content Management System across production, marketing, sales; available in the cloud, on premises and on mobile).

brainello powers Bpower2

Its first module uses machine learning to extract data from invoices.
No templates need to be prepared upfront.
brainello’s model is ready to work right after deployment.

brainello demo: invoices processing with AI

Our clients say that brainello has already accelerated the invoices processing by at least 7 times.


brainello framework

  • Content Analytics
    (finding key parts like dates, regulations and setting reminders, enforcing rules etc.)
  • Document Type Detection
    (sorting based on content and distributing to appropriate workflows)
  • Intelligent forms filling
    (for funds and repetitive forms)

See our joint explainer video below to understand how brainello brings automation across ERP/ workflow systems, boosting their competitiveness and bringing powerful automation to the features list.

byteLAKE's brainello

See our video.

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