engine extracting data from invoices

Meet brainello: software engine that uses machine learning to extract data from invoices.

Our clients say: “brainello boosts performance of teams at least 7 times.”

Key features

  • software robot, supercharged with machine learning
  • supports various formats of invoices & receipts
  • can be easily integrated into ERP/ workflow systems or work as a standalone solution
  • no initial setup or templates preparation required (we left this task to AI)
  • its assisted learning module ensures that brainello can self-improve over time
  • can go beyond invoices & receipts and automate various documents processing

brainello demo: invoices processing with AI

How it works?

  • brainello reads scanned invoices
  • extracts information with machine learning
    (dates, net values, VAT IDs, non-standard fields etc.)
  • can ask operator for final approval / corrections
    (assisted learning module)
  • exports results directly into accounting systems or in a format of your choice

Key benefits

  • significantly reduces the time of documents processing
  • eliminates human error
  • automates various accounting tasks
  • as an extension to existing ERP/ workflow systems, boosts their competitiveness
  • eventually saves money

Complete solution

brainello has already been integrated into a workflow of the: Bpower2.

brainello in action

See our joint explainer video below to understand how brainello brings automation across various Bpower2’s modules i.e. documents workflow, invoices processing, CRM and many more. 

byteLAKE's brainello

How it works video.

Integration with Bpower2 video.