byteLAKE's CFD Suite

Faster results, lower TCO.

byteLAKE’s CFD Suite is a collection of fluid dynamics algorithms, highly optimized for Xilinx Alveo FPGA powered architectures.

Key features

  • collection of fluid dynamics algorithms
  • highly optimized for Xilinx Alveo FPGAs
  • on-premise and in the Cloud
  • straightforward integration
  • AI powered


  • Acceleration = faster results
  • Green Computing = reduced energy
  • Lower TCO = ultimate cost reduction (*)
  • Excellent Performance / Watt = reduced operational costs

(*) depending on configuration, deployment of byteLAKE’s CFD Suite drives TCO down by up to 10x.

byteLAKE’s CFD Suite accelerates Advection.

Advection is key for simulating the movement of some material (dissolved or suspended) in the fluid. Currently we offer first-order-accurate step of the advection scheme. Second-order is an option. The algorithm has been designed to enable:

  • Easy integration. It can work as a standalone application or be called as a function via our dedicated interface (e.g. can be called as a function with input and output arrays). Algorithm is compatible with frameworks like TensorFlow for integrating deep learning with CFD codes.
  • Easy visualization of the results. Results can be stored in a raw format as a binary file of the output arrays or converted via byteLAKE tools to a ParaView format.

You will see benefits already in 1-node HPC configurations. We have strongly adapted byteLAKE’s CFD Suite to Alveo U250, were single card supports the max size of arrays: 2,1 Gcells (max compute domain: 1264 x 1264 x 1264) ~ 60 GB. It is scalable to many cards per node and many nodes. Our benchmarks show up to 4x faster results and up to 6x better performance / Watt ratio.


byteLAKE's CFD Suite Accelerating Industries

Applications for byteLAKE’s CFD Suite’s Advection include but are not limited to:

  • to characterize the sub-grid scales effect in global numerical simulations of turbulent stellar interiors
  • to compare anelastic and compressible convection-permitting weather forecasts
  • biomechanical modeling of brain injuries within the Voigt model
  • simulation of gravity wave turbulence in the Earth’s atmosphere
  • simulation of geophysical turbulence in the Earth’s atmosphere
  • ocean modeling: simulation of three-dimensional solitary wave generation and propagation using EULAG coupled to the barotropic NCOM (Navy Coastal Ocean Model) tidal model
  • seismic analysis, reservoir modelling and basin modelling (Oil & Gas)
  • models to track and predict various environmental impacts on crop yield such as weather changes (AgriTech)
  • modeling the prediction of forest fire spread
  • flood simulations

Contact us at to request access to byteLAKE’s CFD Suite. We offer a convenient and instant access in on-premise as well as Cloud configurations. For qualified partners there is also a possibility to receive access to byteLAKE’s CFD Suite with a complete hardware infrastructure.