Augmented Intelligence

Bespoke RPAs, supercharged with AI

Complex tasks automation with software robots:

  • data analysis (text, image, time series)
    (from e-mails, documents, workflow systems, sensors etc.)
  • objects & shapes detection and analysis
    (intelligent cameras that monitor quality in production lines,
    detection of shapes, patterns and anomalies in pictures etc.)
  • various processes and tasks automation
    (finding answers hidden in the data, repetitive tasks automation,
    triggering actions based on data extracted from various sources etc.)

We build software robots using carefully selected Computer Vision and Machine Learning techniques. We also create intelligent devices that bring automation across industries. That helps us build flexible solutions, delivering accurate results and most importantly learning over time.

Check how we automated documents processing with byteLAKE’s brainello.

byteLAKE's Automation

Business Process Automation

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