Face analytics with Azure

Our solution

Android application that utilizes Microsoft Azure’s cognitive services to perform face analytics.


The application is able to recognize gender, age, and emotions including: anger, contempt, disgust, fear, happiness, neutral, sadness, surprise. It takes a photo using your mobile phone and returns the results.


  • We utilized Microsoft Azure and .NET technologies to deliver a client-server mobile application.
  • Application analyzes photos taken from the camera and sends it to the MS Azure Cloud Services.
  • Face recognition was implemented using the Microsoft Face API. Emotions recognition was done using the Emotion API.

Then the demo spun off into a larger project which we showcased together with our partner Lenovo during the International Supercomputing Conference in 2018. Besides that, we are working on a significantly more advanced software in the space… a patented password-less security system. More details soon…

AI on edge (powered by NVIDIA and Intel)

Marcin's face recognized