byteLAKE and Basler Partnership

byteLAKE strengthens its offering in the areas of Computer Vision software solutions and partners with Basler – a global provider of industrial cameras and a leader in the world market of vision technology. Based on the agreement, byteLAKE becomes a custom software provider for companies out of the embedded and machine vision area building their solutions on top of Basler’s cameras. With vast knowledge in Machine and Deep Learning byteLAKE can provide comprehensive consultancy services, and help customers combine data, business objectives and domain expertise with cutting edge machine learning techniques to build new products. The partnership ensures that customers of Basler’s cameras will profit from the custom vision software services they need to quickly develop new products. The combination of Basler’s hardware with byteLAKE’s software services will ease the overall product design and development process.

Artificial Intelligence is said to be a new electricity. It is amazing to see how Machine and Deep Learning reshape almost every industry and it is even more amazing to become a vital part of that transformation. We entered the Computer Vision area by tightening our collaboration with universities which led to a model where our experts continue researches seeking solutions to emerging problems and constantly work on finding new applications of machine learning. Partnership with Basler has been a natural next step for us to complement our intelligent vision offering. Today I am very happy to announce that the partnership has become a fact and that our customers will gain access to new, innovative solutions in the machine vision space,said Marcin Rojek, byteLAKE’s Co-Founder.

“Our customers are increasingly looking for complete solutions consisting of hardware, including our cameras, software and system integration. As Basler doesn’t offer all of the required products and services,  we’ve set up a partner network and are continually expanding it.
We also notice a growing demand for AI, Machine and Deep Learning. Including byteLAKE in our partner network is a big step towards providing our customers and other partner companies with such technology,”
said Marcus Müller, Partner Manager at Basler.


About byteLAKE

byteLAKE are specialists in Machine and Deep Learning and is a business partner helping enterprises embrace the power of Artificial Intelligence. byteLAKE gives machines the ability to learn and become smart. They transform computers into intelligent machines by enabling them to identify objects, analyze scenes and activities in real-life visual environments. byteLAKE offers intelligent software for all sort of edge devices and has a massive experience in porting, developing and optimizing software for supercomputer platforms (HPC). They help combine data, business objectives and domain expertise with cutting edge AI techniques.


About Basler

Basler is an internationally leading manufacturer of high-quality digital cameras, camera modules and other components for applications in factory automation, medicine, traffic and a variety of other markets. Founded in 1988, the company in Northern Germany is home to approximately 500 employees at its headquarters in Ahrensburg and its subsidiaries and sales offices in Europe, Asia and North America.




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