Bpower2 selected byteLAKE to build AI Robots

Bpower2, a UK-headquartered company that created an enterprise information management system, selected byteLAKE as their Artificial Intelligence (AI) partner. As part of the agreement, byteLAKE will enhance Bpower2 with machine learning powered modules to automate documents workflow and processing. The partnership ensures that the customers of Bpower2 system will soon benefit from the AI modules that will offload them from routine tasks and assist while working with various business processes (i.e. accounting).

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is coming big way to almost every industry. Solutions based on these concepts are commonly known as software robots or AI powered workers. They help automate and significantly accelerate execution of routine tasks. Besides, RPAs can efficiently assist humans by helping them avoid common mistakes while  processing and approving documents, and many more. Today we are very excited to have kicked off a project with Red Cloud where byteLAKE team will design and deliver AI modules for their Bpower2 product, said Marcin Rojek, byteLAKE’s Co-Founder.

“Automation and optimization of various business processes are crucial and very high on our agenda when planning future roadmap for Bpower2. We see Artificial Intelligence as the key enabler to achieve such goals. Being impressed by byteLAKE’s achievements and innovativeness in the AI space, we are very happy to welcome them as our partners who will design and deliver AI-based microservices for Bpower2,” said Jacek Rakoczy, Bpower2’s CEO.

byteLAKE adding AI robots to ERPs

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About byteLAKE

byteLAKE are specialists in Machine and Deep Learning and is a business partner helping enterprises embrace the power of Artificial Intelligence. byteLAKE gives machines the ability to learn and become smart. They transform computers into intelligent machines by enabling them to identify objects, analyze scenes and activities in real-life visual environments. byteLAKE offers intelligent software for all sort of edge devices and has a massive experience in porting, developing and optimizing software for supercomputer platforms (HPC). They help combine data, business objectives and domain expertise with cutting edge AI techniques.

About Bpower2

Bpower2 enables efficient Enterprise Content Management across various verticals: production, marketing, sales and is available in the cloud, on premises and on mobile. It offers, among other things, workflows and business process management, business intelligence and customer experience management.

Bpower2 has been developed with a close collaboration with several business executives and experienced consultants working in the field of enterprise management systems as well as many IT specialists. To date (Q2 2018) it has been successfully tested and launched in 50+ companies across the following industries: FMCG, Marketing, Production and Services – consultancy and accounting companies.



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Jacek Rakoczy, CEO at Bpower2


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See the results: video.

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