Our Services

Intelligent Devices

Intelligent Devices

Give your machines a brain.
Real-time decisions based on data from IoT sensors & cameras.

Cognitive Process Automation

Business Process Automation

Find answers hidden in data: text, image, video.
Move from reactive to data-driven proactive operations.

Text Processing Automation

byteLAKE's brainello

Engine that reads documents, e-mails etc.
Can automate workflows, content categorization and processing.


byteLAKE's HPC Solutions

We build and optimize HPC applications.
Performance boost: 12x, energy slashed by 30% – see how.

AI Workshop

AI & HPC Expertise Consultancy

We solve complex and data rich problems
using machine and deep learning techniques.

Proof of Concept

AI & HPC demos development

Every success starts with a dream.
We help bring those dreams to life.