High Performance Computing

Empower your projects with accelerated time to results and the adaptation of complex algorithms to diverse CPU, GPU, and FPGA architectures.

Optimizing Hardware Performance:

  • Speedup:
    Accelerating time to results for intricate algorithms.
  • Green Computing:
    Optimizing algorithms to minimize energy consumption.
  • Scalability:
    Seamless transition from single nodes to clusters.

Maximizing Computing Power:

  • Programming Model Selection:
    Choosing the right model based on the problem (task parallelism, data parallelism, or a combination).
  • Balanced Architecture:
    Ensuring the optimal balance between CPUs and GPUs/FPGAs.
  • Data Transfer Optimization:
    Streamlining data transfers between host memory and accelerators.
  • Platform Adaptation:
    Adapting code to various computing platforms.

Efficiency Enhancement:

  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Reduction:
    Lowering TCO through performance, energy efficiency, and calculation accuracy optimizations.

Our Successful HPC Case Studies:

  • Expertise in Leading Technologies
    In-depth knowledge gained through active involvement in research and successful project deliveries.

Technical Highlights from Our HPC Projects:

  • Optimized HPC Simulation:
    Improved data alignment, blocking, overlapping, streaming, register queuing, and more.
  • Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling (DVFS) and Concurrency Throttling (CT) Optimization:
    Fine-tuning of power management techniques.
  • Programming Languages and Technologies:
    Proficiency in MPI, NVIDIA CUDA, OpenCL, OpenMP, C, C++, C++-11, Pthreads, Alveo, and more.

Our Approach to Heterogeneous Computing:

  • Utilizing All Resources:
    Leveraging CPU, GPU, and FPGA architecture to maximize computing capabilities.

HPC Workloads Acceleration:

  • End-to-End Solutions:
    Collaborative delivery of complete HPC solutions, including hardware components, software stack, and fully configured systems with highly optimized custom software applications.
    Example deployment: HPC Infrastructure delivery.

HPC Workloads Acceleration

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