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Are you experienced in developing intelligent software with machine and deep learning? Ready to grow while optimizing software for supercomputers?

Contact us at We’re always on the lookout for passionate colleagues in artificial intelligence and HPC.

Our team comprises AI & HPC specialists, researchers, and individuals with the right attitude and a drive to learn quickly.

Our PhD researchers bring extensive academic backgrounds in math, computer science, AI, and parallel computing. They lead our research initiatives, creating innovations that fuel our business. Our exceptional engineers constantly push boundaries, specializing in machine and deep learning solutions for computer vision, data analytics, automation, conversational systems, and more. With significant experience in building high-performance, energy-efficient software for supercomputers, we invite you to join us in a win-win scenario: learn, contribute, and achieve amazing things together.

Our goal is to be a highly specialized team, making a substantial impact on how AI & HPC transform industries. We focus on demanding and innovative projects, product development, and more.

Working at byteLAKE means connecting with high-caliber, hard-working, personable colleagues. We value diverse backgrounds, united by a passion for AI, HPC, and new technologies. In our informal environment with a flat structure, remote work options, and flexible hours, we continuously strive to innovate and experiment with emerging technologies.