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Artificial Intelligence for Industries.
AI Products for Manufacturing, Automotive, Restaurants, Paper, and Chemical Industries.

byteLAKE Team


We deliver globally.
Clients portfolio from USA, Israel and EU.


We are a software company, focused on building Artificial Intelligence products for various industries.

  • byteLAKE’s CFD Suite leverages AI to reduce CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) chemical mixing simulations’ time from hours to minutes.
  • byteLAKE’s Cognitive Services offers a collection of pre-trained AI models for Industry 4.0 and Restaurants.
    • In manufacturing, these are used to visually inspect processes, parts, components, or products.
    • In automotive, Cognitive Services leverages microphones to assess the quality of car engines.
    • In the paper industry, Cognitive Services leverages cameras to monitor the papermaking process and detect, measure, and analyze the wet line.
    • In restaurants, Cognitive Services typically acts as an add-on software that recognizes meals and sends a list of these to the cashier’s machine, ultimately reducing lines and the overall waiting time.
  • We also offer custom AI software development for real-time analytics of images, videos, sounds, and time-series data.

Marcin Rojek, byteLAKE Co Founder

Marcin Rojek

Co-founder of byteLAKE

Emerging technologies and innovations have always been high on my agenda. Hence the foundation of byteLAKE is established on a close relationship between science, academia and business. I started my professional career as a programmer for mobile end embedded systems.
Then continued in various leadership roles across Europe, USA and Asia. I am totally fascinated by how machine learning, deep learning and powerful supercomputing architectures transform industries and the world around us. As byteLAKE’s co-founder my focus is on augmenting human capabilities with latest AI and HPC technologies to deliver value across industries. My team has already delivered innovations for CFD, Semiconductors, MedTech, Logistics, Industry 4.0, Business Automation and contributed with many research papers to the scientific community, just to name a few areas. Reach out to me via LinkedIN or e-mail.

Mariusz Kolanko, byteLAKE Co Founder

Mariusz Kolanko

Co-founder of byteLAKE

I am convinced that AI equipped with powerful HPC machinery will let humans focus on unimaginably creative work for us today, leaving the repetitive stuff to the machines. Started as a programmer, then shifted to various management, operations and engineering leadership roles. Successfully drove Agile initiatives in multinational environments. Always trying to stay open-minded in searching and constantly focused on finding solutions to emerging challenges of the future. As byteLAKE’s co-founder my aim is to get things done and ensure the team delivers on innovations made possible thru achievements and research results in the Artificial Intelligence field. Contact me via LinkedIN or e-mail.

Krzysztof Rojek, PhD, byteLAKE CTO

Krzysztof Rojek


I link byteLAKE’s business with research and academia world. I am a huge fan and a promoter of ideas that can start their life in the research space and eventually land in the practical, real-life business applications. I gained my PhD+DSc degrees in Computer Science (Parallel Computing, GPGPU, self-adaptable codes, AI applications) and got internationally awarded in HPC & AI space. Feel free to reach out to me via LinkedIN, or e-mail.

John Sedgwick, Customer Success, byteLAKE USA

John Sedgwick

Customer Success, USA

AI is the future but we are starting to see and understand some of the possibilities now.  AI will grow exponentially across multiple sectors and throughout the economy as technology allows us to deploy smart tactics and solve difficult problems. 15+ years in IoT, Semiconductor, Software and Services. Providing strategy and tactics to find value and deliver products to meet customer and segment needs. Let’s explore what new possibilities AI can offer in your business. Contact me via LinkedIN, or directly using my e-mail.

byteLAKE Team

Our team is constantly growing. We have been gradually building it around our core team of researchers (PhD+) and excellent engineers with whom we used to work in the past. Together, we cover all aspects of software engineering in the space of AI and HPC: from early research, thru AI workshops, all the way to Agile-based (in sprints) delivery and deployment. Our priorities in that space are as follows: build an excellent team by focusing on our people growth and create amazing products. If you are looking for support in one of the areas of our specialization, let’s talk! Also, if you resonate with our thinking, consider joining our team.

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