CFD Suite

Collection of innovative AI Models
for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) acceleration.

Now available for the chemical industry, reducing mixing simulations time from hours to minutes.

Key features

  • CFD solvers accelerated with AI / Artificial Intelligence
    (time to results significantly shorter & better speedup than with hardware accelerators)
  • Augmentation of numerical solvers with complementary AI models
    (faster analysis, reduced cost of trial & error experiments, 100% compatible with existing tools)
  • Solver specific AI models for Digital Twin industrial scenarios
    (generalized AI models for different use cases, geometries, and parameters’ values)
  • Designed to scale up fast
    (solver specific AI model within 2-4wks vs. 1-2yrs efforts for hardware adaptations)

Get results in minutes instead of hours

Now available for the chemical industry, reducing mixing simulations time from hours to minutes.

CFD Suite (General Concept)

Example results for chemical mixing simulation

CFD Suite in action (chemical mixing)

Benefits and new possibilities with AI

  • Ultra-fast results drive costs down
    Lower cost of trial & error experiments, faster prototyping and parameterization
  • Eliminate expensive hardware adaptations
    Cross-platform & faster than hardware-accelerated traditional CFD solvers
  • Real-time simulations for ever-increasing amounts of data
    Run more complex simulations within the same infrastructure
  • Lower entry barrier for new CFD adopters
    Quick answers with AI
  • Plug & Play
    Compatible with growing number of CFD tools


  1. CFD Suite standard license consists of 2 elements
    • One-time fee for product calibration/training/generalization (family of use cases).
    • Annual license per company, giving access to the product incl. upgrades, customer care/support for 12 months.
      NOTE: the goal is to train & generalize the CFD Suite models so that they can predict results across a family (or families) of use cases/geometries/parameters combination within a given phenomenon.
  2. CFD Suite extended customization (optional)
    • In case you do not have or cannot generate the data for training, byteLAKE can offload your teams from this task and prepare the required simulations.
    • The cost is estimated case by case (one-time project fee).
  3. CFD Suite integration (optional)
    • byteLAKE is working with a growing number of partners to ensure that CFD Suite is properly integrated or available as an add-on to leading CAE/CFD tools incl. open source
    • Therefore, integration scenarios are discussed case by case

CFD Suite deployment

CFD Suite deliverables

AI Model(s) compatible with your existing workflow

  • No need to change any data types, replace toolchains, etc.
  • No hardware/infrastructure upgrades or changes needed
  • Cross-platform compatibility (CPU-only, CPU+GPU, PC/ data center/ cloud, etc.)

AI Model(s) easy to use

  • Highly compatible solution ready to take data as CFD Solvers do
  • Easy adaptation. Working the same way, the standard CFD Solvers do
  • Minimum 10x faster results compering to CFD Solvers
  • Highly adaptive solution ready to follow changes in  CFD Solvers

AI Model(s) enabling new possibilities

  • Much faster simulations
  • Significantly reduced cost of trial & error experiments

Typical steps to get started

  1. CFD Solver selection: pick the one you’d like to accelerate
    Typical candidate: simulations that take too long
  2. Setting the targets for AI Model(s)
    What level of acceleration do you expect? Reduce time/iterations? Anything else?
    What is the accepted accuracy? Within 85-95%? Higher? Lower?
    Should AI generate only the result of the simulation or intermediate steps as well?
    Consultancy to assess the solver’s input/output (types, ranges, etc.)
  3. AI Model training
    Based on the above, byteLAKE will train the CFD Suite to accelerate your CFD Solver(s)
    CFD Suite will be 100% compatible with your workflow
    = no need for any changes in infrastructure or data formats/types

byteLAKE's CFD Suite Roadmap

Roadmap highlights

  • CFD Suite framework
    2D, 3D domains
    Steady-state simulations
    AI models generalization
  • Solver specific AI models
    Chemicals mixing
    Flow around buildings
  • Accelerate solvers from leading CFD Tools incl. open source
    Compatibility of input/output
  • Beyond one-node (HPC)
    Large simulations: >2M cells, 5M, >10M
  • Integration with partners’ CAE / CFD tools
    Tridiagonal Solutions’ MixIT
  • Beyond on-premise
    CFD Suite as a Service via Cloud providers
  • Transient / unsteady simulations
  • AI Models generator
  • byteLAKE CFD Suite unleashed
    Growing collection of innovative AI Models for CFD across industries
  • Channel partnerships

Scalability and performance


HPC acceleration - CFD Suite

Models predicting 3 quantities (velocity, pressure, turbulent). Data: 3D.

Inferencing (prediction)

Inferencing - CFD Suite

Intel i7, Xeon Gold, Xeon E5; NVIDIA TITAN, V100 16GB; Tensor Flow, OpenVINO

Download the full report (CFD Suite – HPC Scalability Report).

Key takeaways

  • CFD Suite accelerates time to results for conventional CFD solvers by a factor of at least 10x and keeps the accuracy at the level of at least 93% (*).
  • New AI models are constantly added by byteLAKE to the CFD Suite which gradually increases the number of CFD simulations that can be handled by the CFD Suite off-the-shelf. To do so byteLAKE collaborates with a growing number of industry leaders.
  • CFD Suite is an add-on to existing CAE/CFD tools and its integration is a straightforward process.
  • CFD Suite is a data-driven solution. Therefore, past simulations done by conventional CFD solvers are required to train its AI models so that they can predict the results.
  • CFD Suite is a scalable solution, and we observed a stable efficiency across cluster nodes.
  • The inference process is executed up to 9.5x faster on the Intel Xeon Gold with CFD Suite optimized with OpenVINO compared with V100 GPU.
  • By configuring the CFD Suite to use AI models in ACCURATE mode and using 2xXeon Gold CPUs, 90% of the simulation is predicted 111x faster than CFD solver computation, and 9.25x faster considering 10% overhead of the CFD solver.

(*) Example results for: CFD/chemical mixing case study. Note: accuracy is configurable and depends on requirements.

Panel discussion: CFD Suite accelerating Chemical Mixing

CFD Suite Panel Discussion

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Contact us at to request access to byteLAKE CFD Suite. We offer a convenient and instant access in on-premise as well as Cloud configurations. For qualified partners there is also a possibility to receive access to byteLAKE CFD Suite with a complete hardware infrastructure.