CFD Suite

Accelerate your Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations
by leveraging the speed and efficiency of artificial intelligence.

Slash simulation times, minimize trial-and-error costs,
and supercharge decision-making for heightened productivity.

Why CFD Suite

  • Faster Time to Insights
    Swift simulation results enable quicker decision-making and problem-solving.
  • Cost Reduction
    Lower costs associated with reduced trial and error experimentation.
  • Rapid Design Iteration
    Accelerated simulations allow for faster prototype design and testing
  • Improved Productivity
    Enhanced efficiency in research and development processes.
  • Enhanced Safety Measures
    Quick assessments of safety protocols and potential risks.
  • Energy Efficiency Optimization
    Faster insights into optimizing energy consumption and resource utilization.
  • Resource Conservation
    Reduced resource consumption in experimental setups.Leverage data generated by past simulations
  • Competitive Advantage
    Faster product development and innovation lead to a competitive edge.
  • Real-time Monitoring
    Possibility of real-time monitoring for immediate adjustments.

Here’s how CFD Suite works

CFD Suite’ collaborating modules generate results:

  • AI Accelerator, guarantees acceleration and makes predictions based on a trained pattern
  • AI Supervisor, guarantees accuracy and decides to:
    • Accelerate once or multiple times during simulation
    • Stop the simulation and return the physics-aware results


byteLAKE's CFD Suite's AI Accelerator and AI Supervisor

Example deployment architecture:

Example deployment architecture.

Example results:

Learn more about this case study:

How to Start

  1. Define the Scenario
    • Identify the target CFD solver for acceleration and explain associated processes and scenarios (parameters, ranges, dependencies, geometries, etc.).
  2. Explain Expectations
    • Define the required accuracy levels.
    • Specify supported input configuration ranges.
    • Share insights on anticipated system performance, including future scalability.
    • Outline integration needs and the desired interaction of CFD Suite with other tools (data formats, API, etc.).

NOTE, we currently support AI acceleration for:

  • Cases where a relatively high number of CFD simulations are executed (30-50 historic CFD simulations needed for AI training).
  • OpenFOAM® (preferred: <5M cells, steady-state, with the same or relatively stable geometry/only input parameters changing).

If your simulations do not meet these criteria, consider using CFD Suite to optimize the overall process instead of solely focusing on reducing time to results for individual simulations. For more information, refer to the Data Insight section below.

Licensing & Cost of Deployment

  • Licensing
    Annual/monthly licensing plans for CFD Suite, including upgrades, customer care, and support.
  • AI Model Development
    Costs for AI model training and calibration.
  • Data Management
    Expenses related to data collection and cleaning.
  • Hardware and Software (if needed)
    Hardware costs, as well as any associated licenses.
    Installation expenses.
  • Integration and Deployment
    Integration efforts as required for successful deployment.

Beyond Acceleration: Data Insights

byteLAKE’s CFD Suite goes far beyond accelerating time to results for CFD simulations or cutting their execution time. CFD Suite can also be trained for a number of other purposes, such as helping select or prioritize geometries based on AI-predicted and expected efficiency, performance, or taking other optimizations into account. CFD Suite can also be trained to help select the most optimal configurations, improve operations related to meshing, and more. By leveraging AI, CFD Suite can help optimize and accelerate a wide range of processes related to CFD simulations, leading to faster time to insights, lower costs, and enhanced efficiency.

  • Multi-Purpose Training:
    Selection and prioritization of geometries based on AI-predicted efficiency
    Optimization of configurations and meshing operations
  • Comprehensive Process Optimization:
    AI-driven enhancements across a wide range of CFD simulation processes


  • Faster time to insights
  • Lower costs
  • Enhanced efficiency in CFD simulations

Data Insights offering for CFD is not limited to OpenFOAM® and extends beyond <5M cells, steady-state, mentioned above. Learn more about byteLAKE’s AI-powered Data Insights.

Contact to optimize your CFD simulations with CFD Suite.

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byteLAKE's CFD Suite, AI-accelerated CFD


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AI training performance
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CFD Suite scalability
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CFD Suite (AI training, edge server)

CFD Suite (scalability, 2021)

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