Machine Learning

What is Machine Learning?

Field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed”, Arthur Samuel (1959).

It enables computers to make data-driven predictions and decisions by utilizing a model from sample inputs. Essentially, it builds on specialized algorithms (i.e. association rules, random forest, Bayesian networks, decision trees, regression, or a combination of many) designed to solve given problems (i.e. time series, clustering, recommendation systems).

We combine our clients’ data, business objectives and domain expertise with cutting edge machine learning techniques to build new products like never before. We employ optimal techniques and carefully selected algorithms for the best results. This is a true innovation improving our clients’ business goals and contributing to their growth.

Our projects combine the results of our extensive research work in the field, basic building blocks we provide to speed up the development process and custom-built software uniquely designed to address particular problem. Check our presentation on SlideShare to learn more about Machine Learning here.

Contact us to discuss more about how we could bring your innovative ideas to life. byteLAKE is also open to participate in H2020 and other relevant research grants focusing on Machine Learning developments.

Machine Learning 

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