Cognitive Services for HoReCa

Simplify and expedite the checkout process with our solution for self-checkout stations.

Our AI module can recognize meals and groceries effortlessly,
sending the list directly to the cashier’s machine for efficient self-checkout.
Shorten queues and wait times, elevating customer satisfaction.

Self-Checkout for Restaurants (retail)

Here’s How Cognitive Services for Restaurants Works

  1. Place items on a tray
  2. Approach the cashier
  3. The cashier taps on “Check Create with AI”
  4. A picture is taken, and AI recognizes the items
  5. The list of items is sent to the POS
  6. List can be reviewed / updated
  7. Payment

Key Features

  1. Self-Checkout:
    Camera recognizes meals and groceries
    Recognized items are sent to the POS terminal
  2. Complete Solution:
    Integration with Simpra
    Includes POS, payment functionalities, and more
  3. Easy Installation:
    Requires PC or active online subscription and camera
    Simpra + POS / integration


  • Payment Automation
    AI-powered self-checkout.
    Option for manual review and updates.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
    Shortened queues and wait times.
    High accuracy with close to zero errors.
  • Innovative Solutions
    Brings innovation to every restaurant.
    Integrated with Simpra.
    Available as a complete solution, including payment.
  • Flexibility and Integration
    Compatible with various POS terminals.
    Option to integrate with local services.
    Easy expansion of AI capabilities for different retail scenarios.
  • Stability and Performance
    High performance and stability guaranteed.
    Choose between offline and online subscription options for flexible access.
  • Cost-Efficiency
    Transparent, flat-rate pricing.
    No hidden costs or external dependencies.
  • Quick Deployment
    Faster service leads to increased sales and revenue.
    Reduces manual work and operational costs.


With more than 30 years of experience, Simpra has been an R&D Center offering innovative solutions that facilitate end-to-end business management. Simpra also develops various products to help F&B (Food and Beverage) businesses manage all payment processing, ordering, table reservation, and many more operational processes easily and practically. Currently, byteLAKE and Protein, the software provider of Simpra, are working together on upgrading technology for restaurants with Artificial Intelligence capabilities. To learn more about the product, you can visit Simpra’s website.

Why Simpra?

Simpra stands out with a 24/7 support operation for all its products. The journey started with its main product, the POS System. Simpra family now offers an end-to-end business management system that includes payment processing, online ordering, reservations, and more. The team behind Simpra merges the love of technology and innovation with many years of experience in the F&B sector. The vision to reach customers worldwide by providing the best service leads Simpra to learn from the past and take inspiration from the future.

What does Simpra promise to its customers?

Simpra promises its customers an extensive ecosystem of innovative software solutions and products for flawless restaurant management.

  • POS System
  • Stock Tracking Program
  • Customer Loyalty Program
  • QR Menu Order
  • Mobile Reporting
  • Table Reservation System
  • Kitchen Display System
  • Waiter Order Module
  • Delivery Service
  • Various Integrations

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Co-financed by

Budget & Consortium

The goal of the project is to enable efficient visual analytics in restaurants (i.e. detect food types, recognize empty seats, etc.) and eventually automate the billing process and various operations. The project is part of the Euripides² project: EDISOHCS – Europe’s Dining Industry, Smarter Operations and Higher Customer Satisfaction project.

byteLAKE’s “AI for Restaurant” project has been co-financed by the National Centre of Research and Development (NCBR) in Poland as part of the EUREKA 2019 competition. Amount of project co-financing by the NCBR: PLN 498 511.30 (EUR 109 437.85; May 15th, 2020). Documents related to the fund’s approval (in Polish) are available on website.

The project is being executed in a consortium between byteLAKE and Protein (Turkey). Learn more about the project:

byteLAKE has later on transformed the initial “AI for Restaurants” project into a product called Cognitive Services for Restaurants (announcement) and both companies are now offering it as add-on software to Protein‘s complete software package for hotels and restaurants called Simpra. The solution was presented for the first time in Istanbul in 2022 (link).