Computer Vision

We transform computers into intelligent machines by enabling them to identify objects, analyze scenes and activities in real-life visual environments.

Example scenarios

  • Content analysis based on images, videos or from cameras

We build systems that can detect objects (i.e. animals, faces, cars, signs etc.) and their features (i.e. age, gender, emotions, shape, defects etc.). Then we use this information to better understand the overall context (i.e. landscape, drawing etc.) and perform advanced actions and i.e. replace background. Have a look at our example case study where we enhanced a standard digital camera with computer vision capabilities.

  • Human error elimination from repetitive tasks

We build complete solutions that can monitor production processes and assess the quality using cameras. In such environments the results become very repetitive and most importantly, become independent of human interpretation.

  • Lastly, we build continuously learning solutions

Our software constantly learns. It starts with a pretrained model and continues to learn based on experts’ feedback and while utilizing various corrective mechanisms.

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Computer Vision