Case Studies

Explore the selection of our case studies in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and HPC. To find out more, you can browse through our presentations on SlideShare (i.e. here) or contact us directly (as some of the cases have not been released for a public audience yet). In every project we deliver, we combine some of the coolest and cutting edge machine and deep learning techniques to solve real-world problems and meet our client’s needs. Besides AI, we bring huge experience in porting, developing and optimizing software applications for innovative, massively parallel supercomputing platforms.

The philosophy of the company has been built around the model where we strive to benefit from the latest & greatest research results in the universities while injecting them straight into the business world. Thus we have PhD experts on our team who continue researches seeking solutions to emerging problems and constantly work on finding new applications of machine and deep learning. They also do pioneering work on advanced methods for parallel software design by creating new methods for code and performance portability across wide range of computational platforms. Our team members develop self-adaptable codes to computing platforms (auto-tuning) and are authors of numerous and widely cited research studies.

The unique combination of world-class researchers and highly-qualified, fast-learning engineering teams helps us bring true innovations to the market. Thus we are able to help our clients build new products and explore innovative business concepts that weren’t previously possible.

Selection of our case studies:

Computer Vision

Machine Learning

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